EMAA competes at US Capital Classics / China Open

On Saturday, August 5, Master Bryant Parker and Sanpai Quinn Maloit competed in the US Capital Classics China Open.  Both competitors put in many months of training and were ready to show their stuff.

Sanpai Quinn

First up was Sanpai Quinn.  She was competing in the traditional forms competition and showed off her Pal Gae Pal Jang.  Competitors presented a variety of martial arts forms, and Quinn placed sixth.


Master Parker

Next up was Master Parker.  He competed in Light Heavy Men’s Continuous Contact Division.  He did well and ended up bringing home the big trophy!

The Aftermath

We’re proud of our two competitors and hope to see them, and others, compete in future events! Congratulations to you both!

Master Parker and Sonpai Quinn stand with their awards.

Our two national champions: Master Parker and Sanpai Quinn

One last fight

And, of course, there was one last fight. A challenge if you will…

Master Parker "fights" Harlan and Drake on the mat after winning his real fight.

One last fight… Harlan (White Belt) (left) and Drake (Red Belt) (right) challenge Master Parker (center) to a winner-take-all challenge. I think Master Parker may be in trouble.

Abby and Charlotte achieve Yellow and White Belt

A special treat today: sisters testing for their White Belts in Tae Kwon Do.  Both students started at the North Beach Community Center classes and later joined the Academy to further their education in martial arts.

Charlotte testing for her White Belt in Tae Kwon DoCharlotte was up first and did a fantastic job going through her Kibon Hana, block-punch-kick, and other testing criteria.  She also impressed the judges with her knowledge and earned her White Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Sister Abby, who has not only been learning herself but has also been helping her sister, did a fantastic job with her test.  She also went above and beyond by demonstrating her ability to do Kibon Dool.  Master Parker gave her the option to break a board, something that she was not expecting, to earn her Yellow Belt.  She took the challenge…

Congratulations to Abby on her Yellow Belt and to Charlotte on her White Belt!

New White Belts!

Picture of students receiving their White Belts

Students receiving their White Belts

Six students advanced from no-belt to White Belt in Tae Kwon Do today by passing stringent tests administered by Master Parker and Sensei Corey.  A crowd packed the dojang to witness the event and cheers were heard as each student completed their test.  Next stop, Yellow Belt!